Thursday, March 22, 2012


Coming from Toronto, Ontario Teenanger released their first full length album Give Me Pink in 2010 and an EP prior to that. Their fourteen song debut album reflected more of a Garage Rock and Blues production style and sound, but with their new album, Frights the band did a few things different. The band worked with Howie Beck who is known for his mix engineering work on albums by Indie Rock artists Feist and Jason Collet. The paring was different, but Frights shows Teenanger finding a new voice by stripping their catchy well crafted songs down to the bare bones while at the same time reflecting a 70s Punk sound and approach. Just by looking at the excellently designed album artwork of red and neon green, you can tell this album is different . The songs are attacked with more aggression, the lyrics snarled out by singer Chris Swimmings as he sings about bank accounts, lawyers, security guards and cheap thrills. The songs are short, the album is shorter. At nine songs and clocking in at about twenty one minutes, Frights is one of those short albums that ends too soon, but one that warrants repeat listens. Frights was released on the bands own label Telephone Explosion.

This Week's Play List:

1. Pow Wows – Killing Me
2. Pow Wows – Worry…Don’t
3. Painted Ship – Frustration
4. TV Freaks – Casual Encounter
5. Ex-Girlfriends Club – Your Prescription
6. Energetic Action – Mud Hill
7. The Twilight Sad – Don’t Look At Me
8. New Order – Temptation
9. Public Image Limited – One Drop
10. Gang of Four – History’s Bunk (Peel Session)
11. The Stranglers – Hanging Around
12. Teenanger – Cheap Thrills
13. Teenanger – Frights
14. Fenster – Oh Canyon
15. Vic Godard & The Subway Sect – Split Up The Money
16. Joe Strummer – Leopardskin Limousines
17. Cake - Italian Guy
18. The Pointed Sticks – Born To Cry
19. The Ketamines – 1 Yr
20. Luger Boa – 1000 Hooks
21. Bronx Cheerleader - Camelot
22. The Hives – Go Right Ahead

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Hebridean Monty said...

Just discovered your show...this is the first episode I've heard...bloody excellent!

Dave said...

Thanks Hebridean. You can download the 30 most recent shows then the links go away.