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Let's Id!...The Story of The Prehistoric Cave Stokers & Show # 330

The Prehistoric Cave Strokers formed in March of 1985 and originate from Windsor, Ontario. The original band consisted of Jono Fiddler on snare drum and two cymbals (which served as drums for the band), Lyndon Way on bass, backing vocals/occasional lead vocals, Dan Moriarty on lead vocals/tambourine, and Marc Fedak on rhythm guitar, backing/occasional lead vocals. All of the bands original members were in the University of Windsor’s Communication Studies program and were also affiliated with their campus/community radio station CJAM FM. The band took their influences from a variety of places. Musically their influences came from a shared interest in Garage Rock, Punk, Post-Punk, and Lo-Fi non-commercial based music. Bands such as The Dead Kennedies, Ramones, early Joy Division, Wire, Gang of Four, Billy Childish and his various bands (Thee Mighty Caesars, Thee Milkshakes, The Delmonas), Iggy and The Stooges, The MC5, and 60s Psychedelic and Garage Rock that appeared on the Nuggets and Boulders compilation series. Lyrically, the Prehistoric Cave Strokers were influenced by Sigmund Freud, the absurd lyrics of The Ramones, and courses that they were taking at the University in the Communications and Sociology field.

Prior to the bands formation, only Marc Fedak had previous musical experience. The band played their first gig on guitarist Marc Fedak's 22nd birthday at a gong show located at the University of Windsor Pub just three days after forming. The band was gonged twice for their performance, but this did not deter them. The band rehearsed for six months, which would have a greater impact on their future live shows. They would play their live gigs in places around Windsor such as The Coach & Horses, The Spotted Dog, Stanleys, Changez, Faces, The Whispers, house parties and even the Freedom Festival two times. In Detroit the band played occasionally at places such as The Old Miami.

Around 1985, The Prehistoric Cave Strokers made their first studio recordings at a studio owned by an experimental musician (Frank Pahl) from Wyandotte, Michigan. The recordings remain unreleased. Around the same time as this studio session the band had another recording session. This time it was at Len Puch’s Wanghead with Lips studio in Detroit for inclusion on a Garage Rock compilation entitled It Came From the Garage Volume One, which would be released in 1986. The band recorded a few tracks during the sessions, but the only song that would emerge for inclusion on the Garage Rock compilation was a song entitled “Urine You're Out”. This catchy song had a Garage Rock feel reminiscent of Billy Childish Garage Rock. Lyrically the song addressed experiencing a shy bladder when having to give a urine test while applying for a job at a local factory. In the late 80s the band would also have some recordings released on further Garage Rock compilations such as the Tunes from the Crypt compilation and were featured in a few articles of What Wave magazine.

In addition to making these recordings and their inclusion on several compilations, The Prehistoric Cave Strokers also made their own recordings at a Warehouse in Windsor, Ontario from 1985-1986 on a rented four track Tanscam cassette recorder. A complete DIY ethic was applied during these recordings, the manual for the four track recorder didn’t even have English instructions. There were seventeen songs recorded during the dead of winter in an unheated warehouse, to keep warm the band drank plenty of beer. The songs were mixed by lead singer Dan Moriarty on his home stereo and have a Lo-Fi quality to them. The recordings made during these sessions weren’t publicly released. The collection of songs is known as Don’t Forget About Us When You’re Famous, but also goes by the name Let’s Id!

It should also be noted that the band line up would alter when bassist Lyndon Way moved to Montreal in 1988 and drummer Jono Fiddler relocated to Peterborough in 1990. James Nemeth would take over on bass/backing vocals, and occasional lead vocals from 1988-1991, and Jerry Rozon would become the groups new drummer (playing a full kit) from 1990-1991. The Prehistoric Cave Strokers continued to play as a band until their dissolution in August of 1991. While the band had a variety of influences from a variety of sources and were known locally for their unique/absurd lyrics and songs, they always retained a Garage Rock element. Since then some of the band members have relocated to other places, James Nemeth and Dan Moriarty live in Windsor, James performs occasionally. Marc Fedak has relocated to Toronto and is playing in a band called Spacecraft 7, and Jono Fiddler is playing in a Garage Rock band called Hundred Year Champions. In December of 1999, The Prehistoric Cave Strokers had a 15th anniversary show at The Coach & Horses in Windsor, Ontario that was well attended. The Prehistoric Cave Strokers will be holding a 25th anniversary show on Thursday, December 30th at the FM Lounge in Windsor, Ontario. Opening sets will be performed by Marc Fedak Jono Fiddler acoustically.

More information on the band and some of their songs can be heard on The Prehistoric Cave Strokers Myspace page.

This Week's Play List:

1. Floored By Four - Watt
2. The Duke Spirit - Everybody's Under Your Spell
3. 96 Tears - Know What You Mean
4. Headaches - No Reason For Your Call
5. Headaches - Can't Stand Still
6. Active Dog - Good Filthy Fun
7. Captain Scarlett & the Mysterons - In The Midnight Hour
8. Action Makes - Berlin
9. Prehistoric Cave Strokers - Story of My Life
10. Prehistoric Cave Strokers - Cavebangin' (Live)
11. Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans - Fell Off the Dock
12. Sloan - Autobiography
13. The Crocodiles - Outlaw Blues
14. Husker Du - Statues
15. Husker Du - Makes No Sense At All
16. Alex Chilton - Bangkok
17. The Long Ryders - Looking For Lewis & Clark
18. Rich Kids - Rich Kids
19. Ultravox! - ROckWrok
20. Buzzcocks - What Do I Get (Demo)
21. John Lennon - Do the Oz

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