Monday, December 20, 2010

Joe Strummer Day on CJAM FM December 22nd!

On Wednesday December 22nd, 2010 CJAM will air 24 hours of Joe Strummer related music and wrap it around issues relating to poverty. They're calling it Joe Strummer Day. I will kick off the marathon Tuesday December 21st at midnight and host a three hour radio program featuring an eclectic mix of Joe Strummer solo and Clash material. The show will lean heavier on Joe Strummer based material, but there will also be a variety of Clash songs and rarities played. As per usual this blog will feature a profile on the artist that I play.  I will be posting a profile on Joe Strummer and his Post-Clash efforts following my show on the 21st at Midnight, so check this blog later this week for some additional info on Strummer.  The rest of the 22nd will feature special prgramming, more information can be found at

There have already been numerous posts about online Joe Strummer Day on CJAM FM. Here is a collection of them:

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