Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Hives Tarred and Feathered! ... Show # 321

Tarred and Feathered is the latest offering from the Swedish Garage/Punk band The Hives. Released digitally On July 2nd, 2010, Tarred and Feathered is a three track EP of obscure cover songs. The first song on the EP, "Civilizations Dying", is a cover of a song originally done by The Zero Boys. The Zero Boys were a four piece Punk/Hardcore band from the Indianapolis, Indiana area. They lasted from the 1979 to about 1985 initially, reforming in the late 80s/early 90s. The Hives version of "Civilizations Dying" is a faithful version of the original with an added Hives flavour. The next track on the EP is the song "Early Morning Wake Up Call" a song originally by Flash And The Pan. This New Wave band originates from Australia and was essentially an ongoing studio project featuring members of the Australian band The Easybeats, Harry Vanda and George Young (older brother of AC/DC's Angus Young and Malcolm Young). The song was originally released in 1984, on an album of the same name and featured prominent synthesizers. The Hives version swaps the synthesizer for guitars, while maintaining the essence of the original song for a result that some are calling a better than the original cover song. Finally the EP ends with "Nasty Secretary" a song originally done by Joy Ryder & Avis Davis. This band is even more obscure they released a vinyl in 1979 titled No More Nukes, "Nasty Secretary" being the B-side.

While the album is only currently available digitally it is supposed to be released on 7 inch vinyl later this year. Overall, the three track EP serves an appetizer for the bands upcoming full-length, which they are currently working on. Recorded live to tape in Ghrondahl Studio in Stockholm during five days in March 2010, Tarred and Feathered is musically in the realm of classic 70s Punk and New Wave, while lyrically all the songs deal with anti-establishment based themes. The EP also serves as exposure for Hives fans to bands that they may not have previously listened to before, expanding their musical tastes beyond the traditional Rock realm.

The Play List:

1. Television - Friction (Alternate Version)
2. Hurtin' Kind - Look Inside
3. Cool World - Dream Shake
4. Neil Young - Hitchhiker
5. The Rage - Stay
6. Richard & The Taxmen - Ice Skating Rita
7. Cyberman - You're To Blame
8. The Wasps - Teenage Treats
9. Index - Total Bland
10. Clinic - Lion Tamer
11. Laughing Clowns - Mr. Rediculous
12. Arkells - I'm Not The Sun
13. Punk Rods - Rip It Up
15. Puncture - You Can't Rock and Roll
16. Simply Saucer - Bullet Proof Nothing
17. Ride Theory - Devil In My Heart
18. Standells - Rari
19. Solomon Burke -Home in Your Heart
20. Joe Strummer - Nothin' Bout Nothin'
21. Pearl Jam - Down
22. The Hives - Civilization's Dying
23. The Hives - Early Morning Wake Up Call

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Washing Machine said...

hey i played that same simply saucer song not too long ago. good shit