Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The 88... Show # 319

The 88 formed in 2002. The band consists of Keith Slettedahl (vocals/guitar), Adam Merrin (piano/keys), Todd O'Keefe (bass guitar), and Anthony Zimmitti on drums. The band is from Los Angeles, California and Rock band with Pop and Power Pop elements. The band released two full length albums (Kind of Light (2003), and Over and Over (2005)) that were well received amongst the California indie scene. In 2007, The 88 were signed to Island Records and released an album titled Not Only... But Also in 2008. The band then went back to being an independent band and began work on another album. In 2010, The 88 became the backing band for Kinks front man Ray Davies. The band who were big fans of The Kinks, were not only Ray Davies backing band for his US tour, but also the opening band on the tour.
Following the tour, the band finished up their latest album, toured a bit in the UK and even recorded some songs at Ray Davies Konk Studios in the UK for a Kinks tribute compilation. The bands newest album comes out in September of 2010 featuring a mix of Rock, Power Pop, and Pop songs. The album is simply titled The 88. More information can be found on the band on their official website.

The Play List:

1. Bob Dylan - Floater (Too Much To Ask)
2. The 88 - They Ought To See You Now
3. The Easybeats - Shes So Fine
4. The Exits - Apathy
5. XS Energy - Use You
6. The Subs - Gimme Your Heart
7. High Mother - Trying To hard
8. The Rebel Set - 14th Floor
9. Grinderman - Bellringer Blues
10. Deja Voodoo - Monsters in My Garage Got Married
11. The Government - Get You Sleep In'
12. Guitar Wolf - Should I Stay or Should I Go
13. 222s - First To Third Round
14. Placebo - 20th Century Boy
15. Hot Panda - Mindlessnesslessness
18. Meligrove Band - Halflight
19. The Clash - Police & Thieves
20. The Sonics - Good Golly Miss Molly
21. Lou Reed - Average Guy
22. The Creepshow - Last Chance
23. Modern Superstitions - Visions of You
24. Young Rival - Just Can't Stay Here

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