Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Monkey Puzzle..Show # 132

I played some more obscure stuff this week. First off the song "Simple Love" is a song by The Saints, but not the normal Saints I usually play on my show. This song was taken from their 1981 album Monkey Puzzle. This album is NOT like the other Saints albums.  Chris Bailey (the lead singer) took the band in a different direction, but all the other band members were also different on this release. Ed Keupper (original guitar player) left to pursue a career in Laughing Clowns, a band that fused jazz with punk rock (I also played a song by them on my show). Monkey Puzzle is an average album, it is rock but very, very different; It also features a cover of the song "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" originally by Larry Williams.  The song has also been covered by bands such as The Beatles. The song I played by the Laughing Clowns was "Winter's Way". The song starts off with a pretty good rock riff, but then adds a crazed jazz horn section.  I found this song and played it from the 2005 release Cruel, But Fair which is a 3 CD box set containing all of the Laughing Clowns material.  It is definitely something very different to hear.

I also played a song by Lou Reed titled "Nowhere At All". It is a bonus track from the 2006 remaster of Coney Island Baby. This was the album that Lou Reed made after Metal Machine Music, an album of odd noises and feedback. This was a back to rock basics album for Lou, and it sounds a lot like Velvet Underground. It was originally released in 1976. "Kingdom of Doom" is a song from the band The Good, The Bad & The Queen which I played on the show as well. The album of the same title, is a band put together with Damon Albarn (Blur), Simon Tong (The Verve), Paul Simonon (The Clash), and Tony Allen (Africa 70). The band sounds nothing like the Clash, Blur or even Damon's other side band, Gorillaz. It is melodic rock and an interesting listen. If you liked what you heard you can go buy their album or visit their myspace page to hear more tracks.

Here's the play list:

1. The Jam – a bomb in wardour street
2. Undertones – Jimmy, jimmy
3. Generation X – trying for kicks
4. Teenage Head – picture my face
5. Diodes – Blonde fever
6. Buzzcocks – promises (bbc session)
7. Ramones – danny says
8. Ramones – high risk insurance
9. The Saints – simple love
10. Laughing Clowns – winter’s way
11. Young Canadians – Hawaii
12. The Gruesomes – leave my kitten alone
13. The Police – bombs away
14. The Clash – magnificent dance
15. Big Audio Dynamite – I turned out a punk
16. Magazine – a song from under the floorboards
17. Elvis Costello & The Attractions – radio, radio
18. Lou Reed – nowhere at all
19. Tricky Woo – fly the orient
20. The Ride Theory – parking ticket
21. Sloan – seems so heavy
22. The Good, The Bad & The Queen – kingdom of doom
23. Futureheads – help us out
24. The D4 – savage
25. Albert Hammond Jr. – everyone gets a star
26. The Love Me Nots – mine
27. The Hives – missing link


Vfan said...

Lead guitarist of The Ventures in NOKIE, not Nookie. They just finished a 2 night gig in Busch Gardens, Florida, and will now tour up the Eastern States (March 2012)

Dave said...

thanks for the correction Vfan, must have been a typo. Thats great that they're still playing. You can check out my most recent surf rock show here:

I play The Ventures covering "Telstar".