Saturday, January 28, 2017

Oblivians, Compulsive Gamblers, Contours & Show # 652

After a 16-year gap in releases, Memphis, Tennessee band The Oblivians released Desperation. Known for mixing garage, punk and solo in a wild and chaotic fashion, The Oblivians featured two guitars, vocals and drums. No bass. Also, all of the band members were writers and would switch instruments. The band is made up of Greg Cartwright, Jack Yarber and Eric Friedl. They have since 1997 all gone on to other bands. Greg plays with Reigning Sound, Jack with Jack-O & The Tennessee Tearjerkers and Eric has played with Dutch Masters, The Sons of Thunder in addition to forming/running Goner Records.

In between Desperation and the other projects that the members of The Oblivians have worked with, Greg and Jack reformed an early band they had been a part of, The Compulsive Gamblers. Originally forming in 1993, the band had quite a few changing lineups. They reformed as a three-piece band with Greg and Jack being the only constant members. They released Bluff City in 1999 and what is perhaps their best release, 2000’s Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing. The Compulsive Gamblers disbanded shortly after the release of Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing.

This week’s program featured two parallels. One track from Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing, the garage-blues track rendition of the 1961 Motown single by The Contours “Whole Lotta Woman” and two tracks (“You Better Behave” and “Pinstripe Willie”) from The Oblivians raucous 1996 release Popular Favorites.

Saturday Night Playlist:

1. The Feelies - Fa Ce La (Ork Records Single Version)
2. Eraser - I Won't Give Up
3. Cherry Glazerr - Instantgratification
4. Flipper - Ever
5. Subverts - TV Personality
6. Can - Tango Whiskeyman
7. Ty Segall - Papers
8. Skye Wallace - Not Ready For This To Start
9. The Evaporators - Candy
10. Japandroids - No Known Drink Or Drug
11. Could Nothings - Sight Unseen
12. Priests - Appropriate
13. Husker Du - Love Is All Around (Mary Tyler Moore Theme)
14. Ritual Howls - Bound By Light
15. Cellos - Swan Song (Pinball Sessions)
16. Nirvana - Seasons In The Sun (Alt. Mix)
17. Heat - Rose De Lima
18. Litterbug - I Spy
19. The Sadies (Featuring Kurt Vile) - It's Easy (Like Walking)
20. Link Wray - Mustang
21. The Fallouts - Some Fun
22. Young Canadians - Hullabaloo Girls
23. Monomyth - Drinking In Bed In E
24. La Conversion Des Sauvages - Vieil Ivoire
25. Compulsive Gamblers - Whole Lotta Woman
26. The Oblivians - You Better Behave
27. The Oblivians - Pinstripe Willie

To download this weeks program, visit CJAM's schedule page for Revolution Rock and download the file for January 28.

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