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Joe Strummer Day 2016: Tymon Dogg Interview (Shows # 645 & 646)

Dubbed the “King of Gypsy Punk”, Tymon Dogg is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter that got his start in music at the age of 17. While he was later known for playing the violin in the alternative folk field, his first single “Bitter Thoughts of Little Jane” was recorded and released via Pye Records in 1968. These recordings on this psychedelic tinged pop track also featured then studio musicians Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. Shortly after this, Dogg made recordings for Apple records that featured Paul McCartney on piano and James Taylor on guitar, but other than the demo version of “Who Needs A King”, these recordings remain unreleased. Dogg, initially going by the name Timon, also played live with The Moody Blues for a brief period of time. His second single, the Justin Hayward produced “And Now She Says She’s Young/Travelling Man”, was released on the Threshold label. This was a record label created by The Moody Blues.

In the early 70’s, Dogg busked around and played folk clubs in London. It was also around this time that he met future Clash frontman Joe Strummer. Then known as Woody Mellor, the two became fast friends. The friends would later reconnect in 1980 in New York while The Clash were making their triple LP Sandinista! He contributed his song “Lose This Skin” to the album and then piano on the song “Death Is A Star” on 1982’s Combat Rock. Tymon Dogg was also a collaborator and member in Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros, one of Joe Srummer’s post-Clash bands. Dogg played live with the group and was featured on 2001’s Global A Go-Go and 2003’s Streetcore. Tymon has collaborated with many musicians and has even produced other musicians. In addition to all this, Tymon Dogg has also released several solo albums, starting with his self-titled album, Tymon Dogg in 1976, an album in which he played all of the instrumentation. Battle of Wills followed in 1982 and Relentless in 1989. In 2010, Cherry Red Records released a retrospective compilation of Tymon’s work entitled, The Irrepressible Tymon Dogg: A Collection 1968-2009 and in 2015, Dogg released his fourth solo album Made of Light.

Every December 22nd, CJAM FM raises awareness of poverty in the Windsor/Detroit area by surrounding it with the music of Joe Strummer and The Clash. For this year’s Joe Strummer Day Marathon on CJAM FM, I was fortunate enough to speak with Tymon Dogg. Below you can hear the interview and download/listen to the program I put tougher featuring the music of Tymon Dogg. In addition to this, I did a program featuring music from the catalogue of Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros and spoke with my co-host Adam about the resources that the Windsor Public Library has to help those who find themselves in poverty and homelessness during this time of year.

Check out my interview with Tymon Dogg:

Tymon Dogg Interview & Radio Special (Show # 645):

1. Timon - Bitter Thoughts Of Little Jane (Bitter Thoughts Of Little Jane/Rambling Boy - 1968)
2. Timon - And Now She Says She’s Young (And Now She Says She's Young/I'm Just A Travelling Man - 1970)
3. Timon - Who Needs A King (1968 Apple Demo) (The Irrepressible Tymon Dogg: A Collection 1968-2009 - 2010)
4. Tymon Dogg - You Turned Your Back On The Sun (For A 40 Watt Light Bulb) ((Relentless - 1989)
5. Tymon Dogg - Velvet Stella (The Irrepressible Tymon Dogg: A Collection 1968-2009 - 2010)
6. Tymon Dogg - I Caught You Dancing (Tymon Dogg - 1976)
7. Tymon Dogg - Too Small To Lead Too Big To Follow (Tymon Dogg - 1976)


8. Tymon Dogg - Locks & Bolts & Hinges (Battle of Wills - 1982)
9. Tymon Dogg - Battle of Wills (Battle of Wills - 1982)
10. Tymon Dogg - Safeway People (Battle of Wills - 1982)


11. The Clash - Lose This Skin (Sandinista! - 1980)
12. The Clash - Once You Know (Combat Rock Outtake)
13. Frugivores - Beyond This Frontier (New Age Songs - 1987)
13. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Mondo Bongo (Global A Go-Go - 2001)
14. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Silver And Gold (Streetcore - 2003)
16. Tymon Dogg - Pound Of Grain (Made Of Light - 2015)
17. Tymon Dogg - That’s The Way It Is (Made Of Light - 2015)
18. Tymon Dogg - Conscience Money (Made Of Light - 2015)

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Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros/WPL Resources (Show # 646):

1. Minstrel Boy (Black Hawk Down Soundtrack - 2001)
2. Time and Tide (Yalla Yalla B-Side - 1999)
3. Nitcomb (Rock Art & The X-Ray Style - 1999)
4. Gamma Ray (Global A Go-Go - 2001)
5. Yalla Yalla (Rock Art & The X-Ray Style - 1999)


6. Ocean Of Dreams (With Steve Jones) (Unreleased song from the Rock Art & The X-Ray Style Sessions - 1999)
7. Redemption Song (With Johnny Cash) (Johnny Cash - Unearthed - 2003)
8. Johnny Appleseed (Live) (Generations - 2007)
9. (White Man) in Hammersmith (Live) (Acton Town Hall 2002)
10. Get Down Moses (Live) (Cambridge Folk Festival 2002)
11. Guitarslinger Man (Live Streetcore Outtake 2002)
12. Coma Girl (Streetcore - 2003)
13. Tony Adams (Rock Art & The X-Ray Style - 1999)
14. Bankrobber (Live) (Acton Town Hall 2002)
15. 1969 (Live) (Generations - 2007)
16. Long Shadow (Streetcore - 2003)

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