Saturday, June 25, 2016

Beck Odelay & Show # 618 & # 619

Originally released on June 18th, 1996, Beck’s Odelay became a breakthrough album for Beck Hansen. Being his fifth full-length album (if you count his earlier independent releases), for Odelay Beck collaborated with The Dust Brothers. As the producers for this album, The Dust Brothers, who had previously worked with The Beastie Boys on their album Paul’s Boutique, added a hip-hop flare to Beck’s sound. While he had experimented with many different genres on some of his previous releases, Odelay blended samples and instrumentation for an album that on paper might not make sense.

Odelay started out with a recording session with producers Tom Rothrock and Rob Schnapf. The songs were primarily acoustic songs and the album was abandoned when he decided to work with The Dust Brothers instead. The results would be a layered album filled with samples, instrumentation and hip hop backbeats that would jump genres from track to track. “The New Pollution”, “Devils Haircut”, “Where It’s At” and “Jack-Ass” were all released as singles from Odelay and all had a different vibe to them switching from garage rock, to hip hop, jazz, to country. Other tracks included the soulful “Hotwax”, the country and fuzzy blend of “Lord Only Knows”, the punk infused “Minus”, “Readymade” which sounds like it is mixes sounds from Super Mario Brothers with hip hop and “Ramshackle”. The haunting folk sound created on Odelay’s closing track comes from the initial acoustic sessions that Beck worked on prior to enlisting The Dust Brothers. Many of the lyrics to the album have generated theories as to what they might actually mean. And while Beck later admitted that for a lot of the vocal takes they just used scratch vocals and left them because they had grown to like them, the lyrics on Odelay are executed with a cool and aloof nature that draw up vivid imagery.

At the time of creating this album, Beck had been known for his hit single “Loser” from the album Mellow Gold. Odelay would be the album that propelled him from one-hit wonder (in the eyes of the mainstream) to something much more going on to sell more than two million copies. Odelay turned 20 years old on June 18th, 2016 and like the Komondor (the rare breed of dog seen jumping on the cover that has a thick, layered, corded coat of fur), Odelay is thickly layered and filled with many hidden grooves, sounds and unexpected surprises.

Playlist For Show # 619 (Originally Aired June 25th, 2016):

1. The Traditional Fools - Milkman
2. Vision - Inneraction
3. Mission Of Burma - This Is Not A Photograph
4. Mission Of Burma - That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate
5. Walrus - Close My Eyes
6. Brave Radar - Moves In Time
7. Child Actress - Monogamy
8. Odonis Odonis - Nervous
9. Deja Voodoo - Blast Off!
10. Lost Patrol - Walkin’ The Dog
11. The Rolling Stones - Talkin’ Bout You
12. Crazy Rhythm Daddies - Satan Takes A Holiday
13. Paul Simon - Wristband
14. Sonny And The Sunsets - Reject Of The Lowest Planet
15. Mitski - Dan The Dancer
16. Young Rival - Oh Nancy
17. Bob Dylan & George Harrison - I Threw It All Away
18. Boxcar Guitars - This Heat, This Heat
19. Cuff The Duke - Rocking Chair
20. C.W. Stoneking - The Thing I Done
21. Commands - Hey It's Love
22. Timber Timbre - Curtains!?
23. Little Richard - By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
24. Chuck Berry - Roly Poly
25. Willie C. Echols - Satellite Stroll
26. Sex Pistols - Substitute
27. Mick Futures - Tentative Issue
28. Titus Andronicus - Come On, Siobhan
29. James O-L - Detroit And Paris
30. The Heroes - Seven Day Weekend

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Playlist For Show # 618 (Originally Aired June 18th, 2016):

1. Paul McCartney - Heart Of The Country
2. Beck - Lord Only Knows
3. Bob Dylan - Hurricane
4. Psychic Ills - Another Change
5. Beach Boys - It’s OK (Alternate Mix)
6. Kim Gray - Perfume Ghost
7. Tim Ray & A.V. - Quarter To Eight
8. Damaged Bug - Very
9. Preoccupations - Anxiety
10. Supreme Cool Beings - Survival Of The Coolest
11. Useless Eaters - Industrial Park
12. Nick Lowe - They Called It Rock
13. The Boys - Weekend
14. Big Star - She’s A Mover
15. Daniel Romano - Valerie Leon
16. Sloan - Glitter And Gold
17. The Clash - Version City
18. The Sadies - Locust Eater
19. Hank Williams - I Can’t Get You Off Of My Mind
20. Old Code - The Sun
21. Actual Water - Ivory And Oak
22. The Gruesomes - The Deal
23. The New Dimensions - Psyche-Out
24. The A-Jacks - Fury
25. Tijuana Bibles - Tokyo Topless
26. Ghost Vines - Fire
27. Teenanger - Bank Account
28. X - Los Angeles

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