Saturday, February 20, 2016

Music From The City Of Roses & Show # 601

Located South of Detroit, Windsor, Ontario was first established as a city in 1892. Being a border city Windsor has a diverse and storied history. In the 1920’s when prohibition was instituted in Michigan, alcohol was still legal in Windsor, Ontario. As a result rum running became common practice. In addition to this Windsor and Detroit also share a history with the automotive industry. Sometimes known as the “Automotive Capital of Canada”, Windsor has been and still is a major contributor to Canada’s automotive industry. Musically, Windsor has an early history being involved with choral and orchestral music. In the 1950’s Windsor began making a transition to more rock and roll oriented music. Prior to this there were also several big band musical acts.

While it hasn’t always been the best documented, Windsor’s independent music scene saw several influential bands in the 1980s. The Spy’s were one of these influential bands. They were a short lived punk band that only ever released one single “Underground/Machine Shop” in 1980. Several other bands were around at that time as well in the vein of 70s punk rock such as The Dry Heaves among others. The late 80s brought bands such as The Prehistoric Cave Strokers and The Lost Patrol. Other notable bands in Windsor’s history include 50’s rockabilly artist Jack Scott (who was born in Windsor, but raised in Detroit), Luxury Christ (a more of a performance art piece band from the 90s), Hung Jury, Toast, What Seas What Shores, Orphan Choir, The Locusts Have No King, The Golden Hands Before God, Johnny West, Measured In Angles, Citywide Vacuum, Mr. Chill & The Witnesses, James O-L & The Villains, Tara Watts and many others. Windsor’s independent music scene continues to strive and provide a wide range of diversity today ranging from punk and heavy rock bands, to folk, country, blues, acoustic, post-rock and numerous other types of genres. Being South of Detroit, Windsor and Detroit definitely share a sense of diversity in their arts communities. This episode of Revolution Rock focused on some of the more obscure music from Windsor’s past and present independent music scenes.

Windsor Past & Present Playlist:

1. Orphan Choir - New Rituals (Orphan Choir - 2009)
2. Measured In Angles - Method Of Tenacity (Lo Standards For Hi-Fi - 2005)
3. Dry Heaves - I Can’t Puke (Shoot Yourself - 1981)
4. The Prehistoric Cave Strokers - Sold Out (Live At The Coach & Horses - 1991)
5. The Hung Jury - Swingin’ By My Neck (Where The Horse Bit Me EP - 2007)
6. Tara Watts - Pack My Bags (Pale Blue Moon - 2014)
7. Tea Leaves - I Want To Live In The Dirt (Wooden Hands - 2015)
8. The Space Plan - High Noon In Death Valley (The Space Plan - 2000)
9. Luxury Christ - You Could Have Been Nice (Buy Our Love - 1993)
9. The Moon Patrol - We Don’t Care (From The Basement To The Bedroom EP - 1999)
10. GWD - There Is No Us (The Sessions from Stellar - 2002)
11. James O-L & The Villains - One Horse Town (On The Banks Of The Detroit River - 2014)
12. Middle Sister - East 80 (Live CJAM Session - 2016)
13. The Golden Hands Before God - The Ladder (Here EP - 2007)
14. Jack Scott - Leroy (Jack Scott - 1958)
15. Dorothy Collins - It Doesn’t Matter (Everything I Have Is Yours/It Doesn’t Matter - 1959)
16. What Seas What Shores - Gugelhupf (Spiritual Nap Machine - 2015)
17. Elk - Untitled Song 3 (ELK Demo - 2005)
18. Lost Patrol - I’m Not The One (Lost Patrol - 1988)
19. The Nelsons - A Cool One (Unreleased Song - 1980s (Date Unknown))
20. The Ronald Reagan Story - Colorado Drifter (Demo - 1982)
21. The Spy’s - Underground (Underground/Machine Shop - 1980)
22. The Locusts Have No King - Weapon Of Choice (Live Off The Floor At The Walkerville Brewery - 2013)
23. Magic Hall Of Mirrors - Coke MTN (Garage Demo EP - 2010)
24. Paul Jacobs - Mouldy Love (Mouldy Love EP - 2014)
25. Hairspray - I Go To The Ridge (Hairspray Demo - 2004)
26. Cellos - The New Religion (The Accident - 2012)

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