Saturday, July 11, 2015

Station To Station, Cold Hot Plumbs & Show # 568

David Bowie - Station To Station

Originally released in 1976, David Bowie’s Station To Station is a transitional album for many reasons. The album was released during what is often called David Bowie’s Thin White Duke Period (he is even referenced in this album’s title track). This was yet another persona created ala Ziggy Stardust that was developed while Bowie played with The Spiders From Mars. In contrast to his more glamorous styles as Ziggy Stardust, The Thin White Duke dressed more like a fugitive and had darker elements to his persona that were reflected in the music. The album is also an extension from Bowie’s plastic soul musical style that he emphasized on 1975’s Young Americans. In addition to the soul and rock influences present here, Bowie ventures into avant-garde territory experimenting with synthesizers and a variety of styles such as funk and krautrock on Station To Station. The album’s title track is perhaps one of the best influences of this. The ten-minute track is an epic piece that serves as an introduction to the Thin White Duke character and the album as it addresses many different things lyrically and musically in a different fashion.

Damaged Bug - Cold Hot Plumbs

The latest release by Damaged Bug, the synth-rock driven project by Thee Oh Sees frontman John Dwyer was released in June 2015. Cold Hot Plumbs seems to venture into a cloudy territory, as does the Thunderbirds-looking pilot in the video for the album’s first single/video “Jet In Jungle”. His glassy eyes float between trees in dark territory much like the synthesizers and lyrical content found on Cold Hot Plumbs. As Dwyer ups the synthesizers swapping in favour of guitar at times, Cold Hot Plumbs is effective in its mission and takes flight expanding upon the sounds of 2014’s Hubba Bubba traveling and exploring in the world of primal synth pop.

Saturday Night Playlist:

1. David Bowie - Station To Station
2. Yukon Blonde - Confused
3. Catholic Girls - Berlin
4. Braineaters - Rock Rock
5. The Secrets - New Blood
6. Maggie’s Marshmallows - Come Along
7. The Gruesomes - Time’s Gonna Come
8. The Sonics - Shot Down
9. Nap Eyes - Make Something
10. Monomyth - Vision
11. Aron D’Alesio - A Long Time
12. Neil Jarvis - Help
13. Genki Genki Panic - HPV Lovecraft
14. Deja Voodoo - 16 Tons
15. Benny The Jet Rodriguez - Alley Cat
16. The Victims - Open Your Eyes
17. Dik Van Dykes - Adult Gumby
18. The Strokes - What Ever Happened?
19. The Replacements - Love Lines
20. Nervebreakers - My Girlfriend Is A Rock
21. Death - Politicians In My Eyes
22. Ramones - Glad To See You Go
23. Devo - Patterns
24. Damaged Bug - Frog
25. The Stranglers - Toiler On The Sea
26. Tough Age - I Get The Feeling Central
27. The Teardrops - Seeing Double
28. Generation X - Wild Dub

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