Saturday, January 31, 2015

Waterloo Persuasion & Show # 545

The Black Angels - Waterloo Waltz

“Waterloo Waltz” is a heavy psychedelic track recorded by the Austin, Texas band The Black Angels for inclusion on the Riley Hawk: Northwest Blow Out EP. Released for free download by Scion AV, the tracks on the EP will accompany an upcoming video series by skateboarder Riley Hawk. Titled Scion X Riley Hawk: Driven, the video series will feature Hawk and The Shep Dawgs visiting their favourite skate parks in the Pacific Northwest. Download the EP for free here.

R.E.M. - Pretty Persuasion

“Pretty Persuasion” is a song from the 1984 album Reckoning by Athens, Georgia band R.E.M. The song displays slow melodic post punk influenced basslines amongst Peter Buck’s jangly guitar rhythms and darker lyrical content from vocalist Michael Stipe, which seems to dominate this release. This album was recorded over the course of sixteen days in December 1983-January 1984 at Reflection Sound Studio in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mitch Easter and Don Dixon, who produced R.E.M.’s first album Murmur, produced this album in a way to capture the band’s live sound. Binaural recording techniques were also used during the recording process for this purpose. Additionally, a short film was made entitled Left Of Reckoning by Athens filmmaker James Herbert. The short film covers the first five songs on Reckoning in a non-traditional style featuring slow motion footage, close-ups and the use of rephotography that was utilized during the edition process of the film.

Saturday Night Play List:

1. The Raevins - The Edge Of Time
2. The Nocturnals - Detroit
3. The Black Angels - Waterloo Waltz
4. The Go-Betweens - Lee Remick
5. Reverend Horton Heat - Bales Of Cocaine
6. Run Coyote - Stranger (In My Own Home)
7. Peter Doherty - Broken Love Song
8. Muelkik - Savage Company
9. Energy Slime - Bustin’ Up
10. Nocturnal Projectors - Moving Forward
11. Five Pound Snap - I Tell Myself
12. Buzzcocks - Don’t Mess Me Around
13. Guided By Voices - Fly Into Ashes
14. REM - Pretty Persuasion
15. Reigning Sound - Falling Rain
16. The Prehistoric Cave Strokers - Make You Mine
17. The Velvet Underground - There She Goes Again (Live)
18. The Pointed Sticks - My Little Red Book (Live 1980)
19. The Gruesomes - Cry In The Night
20. Johnny & The Canadians - A Million Tears Ago
21. Light Bulb Alley - Roll Over Hang Over
22. The Bell Peppers - Rhinestone Rock
23. The Unusuals - Saving My Best
24. Jets - Original Terminal
25. The Dark - John Wayne
26. Subway Sect - Watching The Devil (BBC Session)
27. The Cramps - Beautiful Gardens
28. The Damned - Melody Lee
29. Richard Hell - You Gotta Lose (Live at CBGB 1978 with Elvis Costello)

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