Saturday, July 19, 2014

Paul Jacobs Mouldy Love EP & Show # 518

Last we heard of Windsor artist Paul Jacobs he was heading out to Montreal, now he is in Paris France. Just before he took off for France, Paul came back to Windsor and laid down some recordings for his new EP entitled Mouldy Love. Working once again with his Jimmy Miller-like producer Josh Kaiser, Paul recorded again with Kaiser Sound Productions offering something different from April’s full length I Need A Place To Keep My Stuff. Normally playing as a one man band with a foot drum set up so that he can play guitar, drums and vocals all at once, this time around he went for a more full band approach. Mouldy Love was recorded with a full drum kit and bass, something that hasn’t been featured on any of Paul’s recent solo recordings in a traditional form.

The EP starts with the title track “Mouldy Love”, which comes off with a 60’s Kinks guitar sound, a collection of infectious handclaps and a bit of vocal delay. All of these elements bounce in between the primal drumbeats throughout this track. This song is probably one of the catchiest songs Paul has laid down yet. “That Feeling” features acoustic guitar blended with staccato electric guitar parts and driving bass rhythms. Lyrically the song seems to convey a feeling of strangeness brought on by insomnia with lyrics such as “I hear those church bells ringing it’s the strangest thing/All the people they’re staring waiting for more” and “I see an old man yelling at the TV screen/He never took a step outside his door”. The lyrics in the chorus “I’m so tired/It’s not fair/They can’t see me/They don’t care/I never want to wake up here no more” seem to further back up this strange feeling that is conveyed lyrically, musically the song is as strong as the distorted guitar solo that ends out this track.

The third track on this EP, “You Got Soul” first appeared on Paul Jacobs first self-titled solo album back in 2013, but actually dates back to his days playing with his three piece band Raised By Weeds. With the assistance of bass and a bit of re-arranging on Paul’s part, it is not as frenetic as the earlier version of this song. “You Got Soul” appears here with more space and builds up to the louder parts rather than crashing together all at once, while lyrically it tells us that “It don’t matter” what you do as long as “You got soul” you can do it your way. “Ocean City” ends the Mouldy Love EP on a more mid-tempo note. The song is dominated by a steady bassline and guitar that fills in the gaps of the spaces though out this song. At the halfway point, the song slows down and builds up into a force of riffs, drums and vocals with delay/reverb emulating the effect of a vicious tidal wave before it fades out with tense vibrations of feedback.

The Mouldy Love EP changes the process so to speak in terms of how Paul Jacobs has been executing his solo albums. While his previous releases were all unique in their own way, Mouldy Love takes those sounds and adds the bass element. This seems to combine both elements of Paul’s previous band Raised By Weeds and the sounds that have been dominating his albums and releases since Paul Jacobs first self-titled album in 2013. With bass it doesn’t sound too different to be drastically different. With the Mouldy Love EP, Paul Jacobs creates a new mould for his own sound, one that sounds fresh.

Saturday Night Play List:

1. Generation X - Kiss Me Deadly
2. Toni McCann - No
3. The Small Faces - All Or Nothing
4. Night Beats - Hex
5. Wolf Mountains - Hold Yr Girl #2
6. Jerry Jerry & The Sons Of Rhythm Orchestra - Yap Yap
7. DA SLYME - Crazy Glue
8. The Cure - Grinding Halt
9. Crocodiles - Summer Of Hate
10. The Vaporettos - Fortress
11. Total Control - Expensive Dog
12. Jimmy and The Smack - Come Down
13. The V.I.P.'s - Who Knows
14. The Zeros - Radio Fun
15. The Normals - Almost Ready
16. Jerry Nolan - Pretty Baby
17. Guitar Army - I Am Going To Detroit
18. The MC5 - Thunder Express
19. The Kinks - Come On Now
20. The Stems - Move Me
21. Monomyth - Candleholder
22. Wedge - 400 Blows
23. The Replacements - Little Mascara
24. The Modernettes - I Can Only Give You Everything (Live)
25. The M-80s - Seeing Things
26. The Strokes - What Ever Happened?
27. Cousins - At Odds
28. Paul Jacobs - Mouldy Love
29. Paul Jacobs - Ocean City
30. The Damned - Neat Neat Neat (BBC Session)
31. Young Rival - Elevator
32. Dirty Pretty Things - The Gentry Cove
33. Dirty Pretty Things - Blood Thirsty Bastards

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