Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cousins The Halls Of Wickwire & Show # 513

Cousins highly anticipated follow up to 2012’s Palm At The End of The Mind was released recently. The ten-track album entitled The Halls Of Wickwire was released via Hand Drawn Dracula in Canada. The album features a stripped down garage sound with strong vocal harmonies and was recorded at Candle Studios in Toronto by Graham Walsh (of Holy Fuck) and Josh Korody (of Beliefs). Cousins originate from Halifax, Nova Scotia and features members Aaron Mangle on guitar, bass, vocals, vocals and Leigh Dotey on drums and vocals. When describing their music in a recent press release it was described as:

“A ramshackle monument built over a steady spring of melancholy. Electricity and blood in the lines. Guitar and drums. A musical avalanche set apart from the macho and debaucherous posturing and fictions of rock culture.”

In the music for the video “Ocean” (posted below), one can hear a hazy laidback garage sound with sun baked vocal harmonies. Other songs on the album include the riff heavy “Mess” that at times dips into elements of post punk, “Other Ocean” blends elements of layering guitar effects and prominent bass, “At Odds” features surf-like songscapes, “Body” is a building track with a fuzzy melodic tension, while “What’s Your Name?” displays a punk driven sound. Overall, The Halls Of Wickwire showcases the songwriting skills of Cousins that are often viewed as complex. The songs found on The Halls Of Wickwire feature layered arrangements of noise and melodies at times, but it also showcases the band at their strongest. The Halls Of Wickwire is Cousins third album and is also available through Ba Da Bing Records in the US.

Saturday Night Playlist:

1. The Standells - Dirty Water (Live University of Michigan, October 22nd, 1966)
2. The Churls - Trying To Get You Off My Mind
3. The Spectres - I Never Had A Love Like That
4. False Poets - Call The Doctor
5. Husker Du - Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
6. Ought - Habit
7. Doug Gillard - Upper Hand
8. The Birthday Party - The Dim Locator
9. Joy Division - Interzone
10. Invasions - Black Lagoon
11. Vaguess - Shadow People
12. Seven Story Redhead - Shake It Out!
13. Cellos - White Swans
14. The Walkmen - The Rat
15. The Shilohs - Queen Light Queen Dark
16. The Ghost Wolves - Shotgun Pistol Grip
17. Cold Warps - Dream Creepin’
18. Mac DeMarco - Passing Out The Pieces
19. Spoon - Yougot Yr Cherry Bomb
20. The Users - Listen
21. Iggy Pop - I'm A Conservative
22. Actual Water - Brighton
23. The Stomach Mouths - Coming Back Alive
24. The White Stripes - Death Letter
25. Thee Oh Sees - Penetrating Eye
26. Cousins - Death Man
27. Sun Kil Moon - I Love My Dad
28. OFF! - I Won't Be A Casualty
29. Buzzcocks - Time’s Up

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