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The Hentchmen Hentch-Forth & Show # 495

Forming in 1992 in Detroit, Michigan, The Hentchmen are a three piece Garage Rock band that took 60s Garage as a model and main influence. The band consists of John Syzmanski on organ/vocals, Tim Purrier on guitar and Chris Handyside on drums originally, he was replaced by Make Latiluppe in 1995. The Hentchmen became a popular live band playing around Ann Arbor, Michigan, in places such as the Magic Stick. Their first release was 1994’s Ultra Hentch and the band eventually got a record deal through Norton Records. But, in 1998 for a short period of time the band featured Jack White on bass. Jack came into the band following a live collaboration in February of 1998, where he played guitar with the band on a cover rendition of The MC5’s “Looking At You” and the song “Some Other Guy”, which would wind up as The Hentchmen’s next single. It should also be noted that Jack White played with The Hentchmen and played in other numerous bands at this time. He did vocals/guitar for 2 Star Tabernacle, played in The Go, had a short stint with Goober & The Peas and was also working on a new project at the time, which would become known as The White Stripes. The first recorded seven inch single was “Some Other Guy” a song originally by Richard Barrett, and “Psycho Daises” a song that was originally by The Yardbirds when Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page were both in the band, Jack White played guitar on these tracks. Following this single, The Hentchmen with Jack White on bass entered an old auto factory known as Room 222 in Pontiac, Michigan, with Jeff Meier to record what was to become the nine track album Hentch-Forth.

The Hentchmen have often described their music as “hit and run” music. It captures the spirit of 1965, with their unique blend of organ fuelled Garage Rock sounds mixed with elements of 70s Punk at times as well. The music on this album is raw and unpolished, and was recorded over the course of a weekend in August 1998. The album featured songs such as the fuzzy locomotive riffs and catchy “ooh, ooh’s” of “Yesterday’s Trash”, “LA.M.F.” is short form for “late model Ford” and is also seen as an homage to the album by Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers of the same name. The song chugs along with its watery organ sounds, driving bass and jangly guitar rhythms, while lyrically the song portrays images of an old car breaking down and a character who believes in his car making it home one more time, before it runs no more. Furthermore, the song takes on an even deeper meaning when considering that the band is from Detroit, Michigan, which is known for their automotive manufacturing plants. “Automatic” follows with its frenzied riffs, pacing and lyrics that once again play into the world of automobiles, “Carry Me Home” picks up where “Yesterday’s Trash” left off offering up more raucous fuzz drenched riffs and warbly sounding organ, “R&R Cancer” ends the release. It is a Chuck Berry influenced, stripped down Rock track complete with 50s style piano, organ that doesn’t sound unlike ? and The Mysterians and lyrical subject matter that seems to either be a comment on the local music scene at the time or an addiction to Rock and Roll music.

Some Other Guy Single - 1998
Following the release of Hentch-Forth, which was their fourth album at the time, even though it was technically considered a mini LP upon its initial release, Jack White left the group to concentrate more on The White Stripes. One more single was released for Gas Records from the sessions the “Ham & Oil/Club Wagon” single. While it was released in 1999, it did feature White on bass and both tracks were instrumentals. Hentch-Forth was reissued in 2007 with several songs featuring re-recorded parts. It was also remixed, remastered and appended to include the “Some Other Guy” single and “Ham & Oil” single, along with a few outtakes. The album was re-titled Hentch-Forth.Five. Hentch-Forth is an album that was created in a short period of time during the Detroit Garage scene in the 90s, before Jack White became well known and when he and many other bands for that matter played in multiple groups. This album inched forth with a reckless Rock & Roll abandon, and is often stated to be an example of the beginnings before Jack White was famous and that is true to an extent. But this album also provides us with a short and exciting example of a collaborative and vibrant music scene in Detroit that once was.

Detroit Garage Play List:

1. Sonic’s Rendezvous Band – City Slang (City Slang Single - 1978)
2. Blue Squares – Stop And Wonder Why (Live At GBS Studio, Detroit - 2011)
3. Two Star Tabernacle – Hotel Yorba (Live at the Gold Dollar - 1998)
4. The Von Bondies – Lack of Communication (Lack Of Communication - 2001)
5. The Fishcats – My Lips Are On Fire (It Came From The Garage II - 1987)
6. John Lee Hooker – Sally Mae (Boogie Chilen' - 1948)
7. Joe Weaver & The Don Juans – Baby, I Love You So (Baby, I Love You So - 1956)
8. Outrageous Cherry – ‘Til I Run Out (Outrageou Cherry - 1994)
9. The Sights – Send Your Loving To Me (Live) (Ghettoblaster Volume 2 - 2002)
10. Hysteric Narcotics – Anna (It Came From The Garage - 1986)
11. The Rationals – Look What You’re Doing (To Me) (Look What You're Doing Single - 1965)
12. The Go – Keep On Trash (Whatcha Doin' - 1999)
13. The Gories – You Little Nothing (It Came From The Garage II - 1987)
14. 3-D Invisibles – I Married A Monster From Outer Space (It Came From The Garage - 1986)
15. Chit Chat – Attitude (Chit Chat EP - 2012)
16. King Sound Quartet - Annihilate This Week (Annihilate This Week Single - 1996)
17. Fake Surfers – Nonsense (Fake Surfers - 2012)
18. Death – Freakin Out (... For The Whole World To See - 2009)
19. Destroy All Monsters – Nobody Knows (What Do I Get? Single - 1979)
20. The Dirtbombs – Cedar Point '76 (White Stripes/Dirtbombs Split Single - 2000)
21. MC5 – Looking At You (Back In The USA - 1970)
22. White Stripes – Little Bird (De Stijl - 2000)
23. Andre Williams – Bobby Jean (Mr. Rhythm Is Movin'!. The Original 1955-1960 Fortune Recordings - 2011)
24. Mary Wells – I’m So Sorry (I Don't Want To Take A Chance Single - 1961)
25. Hentchmen – Late Model Ford (Hentch Forth Five - 2007)
26. The Stooges – Down On The Street (Single Mix) (Fun House Deluxe Edition - 2005)

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