Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dick Dodd of The Standells (1945-2013) & Show # 486

Dick Dodd was the drummer and a vocalist in the LA California based band The Standells. He passed away at the end of November in 2013. Dodd is perhaps best known for being the drummer and lead vocalist on The Standells 1966 hit song “Dirty Water”. The song was written by producer Ed Cobb after a visit to Boston in which he was mugged, and it makes many references to the city. Although at the time the members of The Standells had never been to the city, the song reached number eleven on the Billboard hot 100 charts in 1966. It has since gone on to be covered by numerous bands, and is even played at Boston Red Sox games. Other Boston sports teams have now adopted this song as well. While this song is perhaps their best known, The Standells are often seen as not only a Garage Rock band, but also seen as a preliminary influence on what was to become 70s Punk Rock. Other notable songs include “Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White” (which was later covered by Minor Threat), “Try It”, and “Riot On The Sunset Strip”, which was not only a song in the movie of the same name, but the band appears in the opening credits. The Standells also appeared on the TV show The Munsters.

Dick Dodd was also a Mousketeer as a child and a member of two Surf bands, The Bel-Airs and Eddie & The Showmen. He would later go on to play another band entitled The Dodd Squad and was involved in numerous Standells reunions. While people often identify with Dodds Mick Jagger-esque sneerful voice on “Dirty Water”, the band’s impact on Punk Rock has not gone unnoticed. Their raw and unpolished sound has helped them sustain a following even into our modern times and can be heard on many of their songs such as “Mr. Nobody”, “Rari”, “Why Pick On Me?” and countless others.

This Week's Play List:

1. Les Hou-Lops – Un Mauvais Farceur
2. The Black Hollies – No Illusion
3. Pkew Pkew Pkew – Mon Cherie Marie
4. Swollen Eyes – Work It Out
5. Monomyth – Honey Slide
7. Human Eye – Immortal Soldier
8. Dog Day – Wasted
9. Duck Tails – Jazz
10. James Chance & The Contortions – Flip Your Face
11. The Boys – Turning Grey
12. Bloodshot Bill – Hot Hot Mama
13. Marvin Rainwater – Hot And Cold
14. Slip and The Spinouts – Crazy Lil’ Baby
15. Radio Birdman – Hit Them Again
16. Awesome Color – It’s Your Time
17. The Ride Theory – All My Love
18. The Standells - Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
19. The Standells - Why Pick On Me?
20. Brian Jonestown Masacre – Please Mary
21. The Sonics – You Got Your Head On Backwards
21. The Troggs – Ride Your Pony
22. The Count Five – Peace Of Mind
23. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Mega Bottle Ride

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