Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Raised By Weeds & Show # 389

Raised By Weeds is a Garage band based out of Windsor, Ontario. Taking influence from 60’s styled music and from bands such as King Khan & BBQ Show and The Black Lips, Raised By Weeds had it’s beginnings as Paul Jacobs, who was at the time the only member. Despite having a drumming background being a drummer in a Hardcore Punk band called Get Bent, he was unable to find other like minded musicians to join the band and style of music he had in mind. Teaching himself guitar, Paul became a one man band, playing foot drums, guitar and covering vocal duties.

An album was self recorded in November 2011, entitled Paul Jacobs in the attic of a friend’s house (from the band Get Bent) in about eight hours on a laptop using Garage Band and made available to stream online, he also provided the artwork. The album featured songs such as “Come September”, “The Telephone”and “Money For The Grave” all of which reflect catchy crunchy Garage sounds, there are also songs with a slow Garage groove such as “Trip To The Ocean” and “My Word”. Live shows have been played around the Windsor area where the band was just a one piece, but recently Chris Garant was added as a drummer and the band became a two piece, which also resulted in the name change. Raised By Weeds plans to add a bassist and become a three piece soon, work on more material and make some recordings. Paul also plans to continue to record and release solo material. You can hear some of Paul’s recordings via his soundcloud page and find them on facebook.  Raised By Weeds will play on February 3rd at the FM Lounge in Windsor.

This week's play list:

1. Novels – Record In Hand
2. Surfer Blood – Take It Easy
3. The Jags – Last Picture Show
4. The Spooky But Nice – Everytime
5. Woodpigeon – For Paolo
6. The Make-Up – Here Comes The Judge
7. Two Star Tabernacle – Sixteen Ton (Live)(Merle Travis Cover)
8. The Ex-Girlfriends Club – The Witch
9. The Polymorphines – Let Love Fly
10. Neon Boys – That’s All I Know (Right Now)
11. The Pretty Things – Come See Me
12. Raised By Weeds – Wait A Minute (CJAM Session)
13. Raised By Weeds – Come September (CJAM Session)
14. Raised By Weeds – The Telephone (CJAM Session)
15. Section 8 – Can’t Let Go
16. Orange Juice – Blue Boy
17. Blam Blam Blam – There Is No Depression In New Zealand
18. Crocodiles – I Wanna Kill
19. What Seas What Shores - Pave The Oceans
20. The Bureaucrats – Now And Then
21. Nick Lowe – Shake And Pop
22. Ty Segall - Caesar
23. Generation X – Friday’s Angels

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