Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Carbon/Silicon The Die-Hard Demos & Show # 381

Recently a pair of demos appeared under the name Carbon/Silicon via their website. For those of you don’t know Carbon/Silicon is the current project between Mick Jones of The Clash and Tony James of Generation X that formed in 2002. The two also have a history playing as far back as 1975 in the now infamous London SS group.  Carbon/Silicon are a prolific group that have released numerous recordings online for free, their two most recent full length releases are The Last Post (2007) and The Carbon Bubble in 2009. Now back to the demos, in 1994 Mick Jones and Tony James worked on some demos recording them in his garage on a mono cassette recorder with a drum machine. Inspired by the movie Die Hard, James imagined a song if Jack Nicholson were to be the lead vocalist, the result is the song “Rock and Roll with Jack”, a song that James says was never completely finalized. The other track made available is the song “Expensive Habits”, a song that lyrically adheres to the DIY Punk ethos of the 70s. Upon discovering some cassette tapes in his garage, James converted these two tracks for us “die-hard” fans and named them after the inspiration he got from the villains who looked like a band in the film Die-Hard.

James goes into more elaborate detail to the events surrounding the creation of these songs, in the article titled The Die-Hard Demos.

The songs can be heard here:

They have also made available eight tracks featuring songs from four of their studio albums A.T.O.M., Western Front, The Crackup Suite and The Carbon Bubble.

All these tracks are free, for more info on Carbon/Silicon visit http://www.carbonsilicon.com./

This week's play list:

1. The Fun Things - (I Ain't Got) Time Enough For Love
2. Dale D'amore - Get Me Home
3. Teenage Head - Disgusteen (Alternate Version)
4. Sonic Youth - I Know There's An Answer
5. Billy Childish & Thee Headcoats - 409
6. Pterodactyl - Searchers
7. Bad Weather California - You're My Friend
8. The Dead Milkmen - Here Comes Mr. X
9. A Place To Bury Strangers - In Your Heart
10. The Who - Whiskey Man
11. Locusts Have No King - Trench Song
12. Field Assembly - Don't Go Running
13. The Sadies - Rat Creek
14. Carbon/Silicon - Rock and Roll with Jack (1994 James/Jones Die Hard Demo)
15. Mystics - Metamorphasis
16. Mystics - Sunburn
17. The Polymorphines - I Gotta Vibration
18. The Mark Inside - The Bottom Line
19. Tandoori Knights - Bucketful
20. The Fleshtones - Cold, Cold Shoes
21. The Waves - Going Down To Liverpool
22. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Get Down Moses
23. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Long Shadow
24. True Lovers - Love and Affection

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garychching said...

Nice one Dave - Thanks, I haven't been keeping an eye on Carbon/Silicon. Have a great Xmas and new year

Dave said...

Thanks Gary, you too.

I'm guessing there will be a new album next year, but i'm not sure.