Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tanz Der Youth & Show # 362

Following his departure from The Damned in 1978, Brian James (former Damned guitarist) formed a new group featuring members of Hawkwind and Warsaw Pakt. This band was called Tanz Der Youth. The group consisted of Brian James on guitar/vocals, Andy Colqhoun on bass, Allen Powell on drums and Tony Moor on Keyboards. Brian once described the band as "Transmagical; the sound of the eighties." The bands sound was not like the Damend per-se, but their sound built upon the foundations that James set for the group in their early days, also with the addition of keyboards, the songs seem to have more space and a New Wave Stranglers-like feel.

In September of 1978, Tanz Der Youth released their one and only single as a group, I’m Sorry I’m Sorry” backed with “Delay” on Radar. The band was very short lived, but they did play some live dates with Hard Rock group Black Sabbath, after seven live dates on a supporting slot for Sabbath on a major tour the band backed out partially due to the negative reaction from fans. In terms of recording the band never made any other official recordings before disbanding, with the exception of a John Peel BBC Session, which featured the band playing four tracks. The tracks included were the two from their 1978 single, “I’m Sorry I’m Sorry” , “Delay” and two additional previously unreleased tracks “Why I Die”, and “Mistaken” which can be currently found floating around the internet. Following the split James went on to form two other short lived groups, Brian James & The Brains featuring a variety of Punk personal including John Towe, Alan Lee Shaw, Alvin Gibbs and Stewart Copeland of The Police (who appeared on some recorded tracks). He would later play in the band Lords of New Church with Stiv Bators, one of his longest running post-Damned bands.  Currently Brian James plays in his new group The Brian James Gang. 

This Week's Play List:

1. Hot Nasties - Invasion of the Tribbles!
2. 63 Monroe - The Battle
3. Buzzcocks - Why She's A Girl From The Chainstore
4. City Sweethearts - War In My Head (Radio 3 Session)
5. Baby Shambles - French Dog Blues
6. Jerry Jerry & The Sons of Rhythm Orchestra - Radical Look
7. The Brains - We Gotta Go
8. Johnny Cash - The Man In Black (Live On The Johnny Cash Show 1971)
9. The Disappeared - Some Truths (Are Self Evident)
10. Speaking Tongues - Going Back To Memphis (Third Floor Session)
11. Dex Romweber Duo - Nowhere
12. Eddie Vedder - Once In A While
13. Portugal The Man - Floating
14. The Horrors - Monica Gems
15. Le Butcherettes - Tonight
16. Tanz Der Youth - I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry
17. Tanz Der Youth - Delay
18. UIC - 2+2=?
19. 999 - I'm Alive
20. Ramones - Havana Affair
21. Luger Boa - Lazy
22. Luger Boa - The Same Things
23. The Hook Up - Radar
24. Lou Reed - Crazy Feeling (Alternate Version)

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