Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Can't Wait...The Story of The Jolt & Show # 327

Originating from Glasgow, Scotland, The Jolt consisted of guitarist/songwriter Robbie Collins, Jim Doaks on bass, and Ian Sheddon on drums. After playing around Scotland for awhile, the band decided to relocate. The band relocated to London in 1977 to join to music scene there, opening for bands such as X-Ray Spex and The Jam. By August 1977 the band was signed to Polydor Records. When the band signed to Polydor it was not looked upon too kindly from their fans back in their hometown. The bands first single You’re Cold b/w All I Can Do was released in 1977. The single has been called a single with a major label release and a small label sound. According to guitarist Robbie Collins the producer for the songs wanted a rough cheap sound, the result was their most Punk sounding release. The bands next release would be closer to the bands Mod revival sound. The band would release their next single in 1978 being a cover of The Faces “What ‘cha Gonna Do About It? backed with “Again & Again”. Their third single was “I Can’t Wait” backed with “Route 66” and their fourth single was released in 1979 featured four songs (“Maybe Tonight”, “I’m In Tears”, See Saw”, “Stop Look”).  Following the bands 1977 single "You're Cold" all of the bands songs reflected a Mod/Power Pop sound, they would sometimes be referred to as Glasgow's answer to the Jam.  The band was not a Jam clone, but were on the same label, were a three piece, and their name even started with a "J". 

The band released a self titled album in 1978 that has often been described as Power Pop with New Wave and Punk hooks. The album features tracks such as “Decoyed”, “Mr. Radio Man”, “No Excuses” and “Chains” all falling into a catchy rhythm. In 1978 the band became a four piece adding keyboards to their sound. The underrated album was followed by the Maybe Tonight single/EP in 1979, following this the band split. The bands album has since been re-released on CD featuring several bonus tracks.

The Play List:

1. The Kills - Pull At U
2. Pigeons - Tresor
3. The Details - The Original Mark
4. The High Dials - I'm Over You (I Hope its True)
5. Elliot Smith - The Biggest Lie
6. The Shakers - Give It Back
7. The Collectors - Don't Feel Bad
8. The Nocturnals - If This Ain't Love
9. King Khan & BBQ Show - Hold Me Tight
10. The Dundrells - Nothin'
11. The Isley Brothers - Testify
12. The Jolt - You're Cold
13. Transmitters - High Rise
14. The Autographs - While I'm Still Young
15. Cane - Suburban Gorilla
16. Ex-Boyfriends - Chinese New Year In Vancouver
17. Brian Eno - Bone Jump
18. Gang of Four - Sleeper
19. Magic Hall of Mirrors - Coke Mountain
20. The Clocks - Tick Tock Man
21. The Vamps - Love Letters
22. Wire - French Film Blurred
23. Iggy Pop - Angel
24. Ramones - You're Gonna Kill That Girl
25. Hot Panda - Fools
26. Stone Temple Pilots - Art School Girl

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