Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Harlem - Hippies...Show 292

Harlem is a Rock band originally coming from Tuscon, Arizona. Having now relocated to Austin, Texas Harlem features Michael Coomers (vocals/guitar/drums) and Curtis O'Mara (vocals/guitar/drums). Playing as a two piece, the band alternates between guitar and drums. Their sound is a jangly Garage/Punk sound mixed with strong Pop vocal harmonies that quickly got them recognition. The band recorded and issued their album Free Drugs in 2008 on Female Fantasy Records. The band was signed to Matador Records in 2009. Recently the band acquired Jose Boyer on bass and will release their second full length album Hippies in April 2010. Some stand out tracks on the album include "Friendly Ghost", and "Be Your Baby".

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Play List:

1. Almighty Defenders - Cone of Light
2. Psycotic Pinapple - I Want Her So Bad
3. Thee Headcoats - Louis Riel
4. Harlem - A Friendly Ghost
5. Harlem - Number One
6. Guided By Voices - An Unmarketed Product
7. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - I Want You
8. Curse - Killer Bees
9. Poles - CN Tower
10. Miesha & The Spanks - Drop the Anchor
11. Ex-Boyfriends - In Revolution Clothes
12. The Pine Tarts - Mosel
13. The Neighborhoods - No Place Like Home
14. Nervous Eaters - Loretta
15. The Lyres - I Want To Help You Ann
16. Billy Karloff & The Extremes - Headbangers
17. X - Soul Kitchen
18. Pulp - Common People
19. Laughing Clowns - In Front of Your Eyes
20. Broken Bells - Vaporize
21. Blur - Coffee & TV
22. Gorillaz - Plastic Beach

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