Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Makers of High Grade Suites....The Upholsterers Story...Show # 285

In the late 90's Jack White was in numerous short lived bands such as, Goober and the Peas, The Go, Two-Star Tabernacle in the Detroit area, he was also working as an upholsterer. He was working in an apprenticeship with a family friend Brian Muldoon in Detroit, Michigan. The two formed a short lived band and released a seven inch. Jack White played guitar, covered vocals and piano, while Muldoon covered the drums and created sounds utilizing a worm gear saw. The seven inch, which would be titled Makers of High Grade Suites, was released in the year 2000 on the Sympathy For The Record Industry label.

The songs were recorded and produced by Jim Diamond in Detroit at Ghetto Recorders (White and Muldoon also did some producing too). The seven inch contained three songs all drawing on Blues, Punk, and Garage musical stylings. There were only three songs on this release, "Apple of My Eye" (a Jack White original), "Ain't Superstitious" (a Willy Dixon cover), and "Pain (Give Me Sympathy)"(a cover of a song by a Texas 60's artist Jack Star). It was given a limited edition run (100 copies), and featured numerous inserts all pertaining to upholstery. This now highly collectable side project featuring Jack White, is said to sell on ebay for around $400-$900.

Upholsterers Myspace

This Week's Play List:

1. The Soft Pack - Parasites
2. Soft Copy - Hot Cakes
3. The Doughboys - It's Alright
4. The Others - Revenge
5. Les Mods - Let Me Tell Ya!
6. Action Makes - Buddies (Rough Mix)
7. Surfer Blood - Take It Easy
8. Stanley Blacks - Whiskey Eyes
9. The Disraelis - On Earth
10. The Mark Inside - Nothing To Admit
11. Link Wray - Dinosaur
12. Upholsterers - Ain't Superstitious
13. Flat Duo Jets - Crazy Hazy Kisses
14. Sloan - Is It Never
15. Revolvers - Shuffle
16. White Stripes - Hotel Yorba
17. MC5 - Baby Won't Ya
18. The Stooges - Little Doll
19. New York Dolls - Chatterbox
20. The Jam - Art School
21. Ramones - She's The One

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