Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Damage...2010 Soundgarden Reunion...Show # 282

Soundgarden's last live show was in February of 1997. The last show was part of a tour the band was doing in support of their 1996 release Down On The Upside. At this point in the bands career, the tensions amongst them were rising and at that live show in February of 1997, after equipment failure, bassist Ben Sheppard threw his bass in the air in frustration leaving the stage.  The encore of the show was played not by Soundgarden, but by Chris Cornell solo. In April of 1997, Soundgarden announcned that they were splitting up. In November, the band released a greatest hits compilation titled A-Sides, they also talked of releasing a B-sides collection, but that never came.

In the years that followed the various members of Soundgarden were involved in other musical projects. Chris Cornell pursued a solo career, and played with Audioslave which featured members of Rage Against The Machine. Kim Thayil has played with numerous bands since Soundgarden split. He has played with Presidents of the United States of America, Pigeonhead, more recently he played some guitar for Probot in 2004 and with Sunn O))) and Boris in 2006. In 1999, he formed a Punk band with Krist Novesellic and Jello Biafra called No WTO Combo. Bassit Ben Shepherd played with The Wellwater Conspiracy in 1997, along with drummer Matt Cameron. Shepherd also formed the band Hater that released two albums, he also played bass for a song on a 2001 Mark Lanegan album titled Field Songs. Matt Cameron has been playing drums with fellow Seattlers Pearl Jam since 1998, he has released several albums with Wellwater Conspiracy, taking over as lead vocalist when Ben Shepherd left the group in 1997, and has contributed and collaborated with numerous artists.

Reunion rumours have been flying for some time now, but they were always put down.  Several band members have said that they did not see it happening, but around 2009 rumours started up again when Chris Cornell was interviewed by Rolling Stone to discuss a Soundgarden box set. There is said to be numerous outtakes, B-sides, alternate takes, demos and previously unreleased material available for the box set project, the band has also expressed an interest in releasing a B-sides collection CD in addition to the box set.  On March 24th, 2009 at a Tom Morello solo show in Seattle, Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, Ben Shepherd, and Tady Doyle played two Soundgarden songs "Hunted Down" and "Spoonman", which served as a reunion of sorts (minus Chris Cornell).  Also in additon to this Temple of the Dog (which features Chris Cornell, Matt Cameron and members of Pearl Jam) in October of 2009 played the song "Hunger Strike" together, which served as yet another possiblity that a Soundgarden reunion would happen.  On January 1st, 2010 via Chris Cornell's twitter page Cornell stated that the band would be reunitng in 2010. Exact details are not known, but the reunion will at least consist of some live shows and hopefully some sort of music release. A new Soundgarden website has also been launched called soundgardenworld.com.  By signing up for the newsletter, you can see a new music video for the band's 1989 song "Get On The Snake".

Play List:

1. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Zig Zag Wanderer
2. True Lovers - Bang Bang
3. The High Numbers - Zoot Suit
4. Main Line - Don't Wait Around
5. The Staggers - Out of My Mind
6. Nick Lowe - Cracking Up
7. The Phantom Chords - Big Town
8. Television - Call Mr. Lee
9. Thrush Hermit - At My Expense
10. Paper Lions - Everything You've Done Wrong
11. Foam Lake - Underwhelmed
12. Myelin Sheaths - Do The Mental Twist
13. Miesha & The Spanks - Harem
14. Githead - All Set Up
15. Blue Peter - Do The Robot
16. The Regulators - That's Right, Nothings Left
17. The Dead Boys - Hey Little Girl
18. The Wolfmen - Mr.Sunday
19. Soundgarden - An Unkind
20. Foo Fighters - Mountain of You
21. Iggy Pop - Fall in Love with Me

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