Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Surfari's Stomp. The Story of The Surfari's....Show # 237 (Surf Show)

Known as the band that created the surf anthem "Wipe Out", The Surfaris formed in Glendora, California in 1962. The band was originally made up of Jim Fuller (lead guitar), Bob Berryhill (rhytmn guitar), Pat Connolly (bass), and Ron Wilson on drums. After one of their first recording sessions (one that produced "Wipe Out" the song "Surfer Joe"), Jim Pash was added to their ranks as a saxophone player. Ken Forsai would also play bass for the group, as would Jack Oldham from 1966-1967.

The Surfaris wrote "Wipe Out" in 1963, their biggest and well known song in the studio on the spot. It was an instrumental song that was composed by the original four members of the group and at first was going to be titled "Switchblade". The drumming in the song is seen as an energetic and well known drum solo performance by Ron Wilson. The song went to # 2 on the music charts. The B-side of "Wipe Out" was a song titled "I'm A Hog For You Baby", which has been covered by The Kinks and can be found on their Picture Book box set. The single that followed "Wipe Out", was "Point Panic", which did not do as well chart wise. The Surfaris recorded a number of albums, but by 1966 they broke up. Although they have broken up, The Surfaris have reunited on more than one occasion and as of 2008, are still playing with a slightly different line up.

As a bonus, Greg of the band The New Waves has made his song Macabre Surf" availabe for download via his website, The Ugly Vision. The song was composed by Greg himself, and is definately a track worth checking out.

Surf Play List:

1. The Squiers - The Sultan
2. The Beach Boys - Heads You Win, Tails I Lose
3. The Gamblers - Moon Dawg!
4. The Tornadoes - Bustin' Surfboards
5. Fabulous Playboys - Cheater Stomp
6. Richard Allen - The Rising Surf
7. Burnin' Sands - Typhoon
8. Reverb Syndicate - Lunar Attack
9. The Eradicators - Friends & Enemies
10. The Robots - Robots Rock
11. Ramontures - She's The One
12. Surf Punks - My Beach
13. Surfdusters - Save the Waves
14. Phantom Surf - Banzi Run
15. Rotations - Heavies
16. Snow Men - Ski Storm
17. Fender IV - Malibu Run
18. Mongols - Nautoloid Surf
19. Astronauts - Montezuma
20. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Bennet Cerf
21. The Treblemakers - The Grudge
22. Atomic 7- Phantom 101
23. The New Waves - Macabre Surf
24. Modelos - Tidal Wave
25. The Wipeouters - Rocket Full of Power
26. Los Straitjackets - Calhoun Surf
27. Surfaris - Point Panic
28. Surfaris - I'm A Hog For You Baby
29. Jack Nitzsche - The Lonely Surfer
30. Dick Dale & His Deltones - The Victor
31. The Ventures - The 2000 Pound Bee (Parts 1 & 2)


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