Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Harmonies in My Head: Buzzcocks Special...Show # 199

This week I did a show of all Buzzcocks songs. It was a mix of songs from some of my favourite albums by the band (mostly early ones). I already have done an extensive band history on the band. You can read that by clicking this link. Recently the band released 30. The album is a live CD containing 28 tracks, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the band. Here's an interesting and Newer Interview with Pete Shelley.

Next week will be my 200th show. The show will focus on the music of the New Zealand band The D4.

In other news, The Green Man Music Festival which is in the UK from August 15th-18th, 2008 is looking for music lovers to help pick a band to open the festival. The festival is looking for the public to vote on the band that they want to see open the festival by voting using something called the green poll.

This is how it works:

- Bands register for Green Poll on their site
- The public vote for the bands they like and get a chance to win a pair of tickets
- Band with most votes plays Green Man attended by 10,000 people and they also get 6 extra tickets

Anybody can enter Green Poll signed or unsigned. There's tickets to be won, and new bands to discover. This is a cool opportunity to choose who you'd like to hear open the festival if you are in the area. The festival includes the likes of Super Furry Animals and more.

The Play List:

1. Breakdown (Spiral Scratch 1976)
2. Boredom (Spiral Scratch 1976)
3. Lester Sands (A Drop in the Ocean) (Time's Up 1977)
4. I Can't Control Myself (Time's Up 1977)
5. Orgasm Addict (Singles Going Steady 1979)
6. What Do I Get? (Singles Going Steady 1979)
7. Fast Cars (Another Music in a Different Kitchen 1978)
8. Sixteen (Another Music in a Different Kitchen 1978)
9. I Don't Mind (Another Music in a Different Kitchen 1978)
10. Autonomy (Another Music in a Different Kitchen 1978)
11. Moving Away From the Pulsebeat (Another Music in a Different Kitchen 1978)
12. Love You More (Singles Going Steady 1979)
13. Promises (Singles Going Steady 1979)
14. Real World (Love Bites 1978)
15. Ever Fallen in Love (Love Bites 1978)
16. Sixteen Again (Love Bites 1978)
17. E.S.P (Love Bites 1978)
18. Everybody's Happy Nowadays (Singles Going Steady 1979)
19. Harmony in My Head (Singles Going Steady 1979)
20. Paradise (A Different Kind of Tension 1979)
21. Sitting Round At Home (A Different Kind of Tension 1979)
22. Raison D'etre (A Different Kind of Tension 1979)
23. I Don't Know What To Do With My Life (A Different Kind of Tension 1979)
24. What Do You Know? (Parts 1,2,3 1981)
25. I Look Alone (NME : C81 Compilation 1981)
26. Flat-Pack Philosophy (Flat-Pack Philosophy 2006)
27. Sell You Everything (Flat-Pack Philosophy 2006)
28. Reconciliation (Flat-Pack Philosophy 2006)

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