Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Attack of the Killer B-sides...Show #190

A B-Side refers to the second side or track on a single. In the days of singles and when there was no such thing as Compact Discs or digital downloads, bands would release singles on records. The single would be comprised of an A-side and a B-Side. The A side was the song that was meant to be played on the radio and the B-side was the second song on the other side of the single that was not usually on the bands full length album, or LP.

When CD's dominated the music market, the B-Side became less important. Now while records are still available a B-Side refers to any song that is on an an album, or a song that is unreleased or even rare. That being said, this weeks show was comprised entirely of B-Sides. I have even listed for your convenience which single or where the particular B-side came from.

The Following are some interesting B-sides:

The I'm Stranded single was first released in September of 1976. It was first released on the independent label Fatal Records, but it would also be named single of the week by Sounds magazine in the UK. The single was responsible for getting the band a three album deal with EMI. The B-side "No Time" can also be found on the bands first full length album titled, I'm Stranded.

The Kinks - You Really Got Me/It's Alright (1964)

You Really Got Me was the third single by the UK band The Kinks, it was also their first number one hit. The song itself was one of the first songs to feature distorted guitar, which would change rock music forever. The B-side of the single was a song called "It's Alright", a bluesy rock song. It can be found on the re-issue of the bands first album, The Kinks.

Lou Reed - Satellite of Love/Vicious (1972)

Satellite of Love is one of Lou Reed's most known songs. It was actually written and recorded while Reed was in Velvet Underground. A version of the song by Velvet Underground appears on the Peel Slowly box set. The B-side was the song "Vicious" is a song that has clean guitar chords with heavily distorted garagey guitar riffs through out it; It also opens Lou Reed's 1972 album Transformer.

B-Side Playlist:

1. Magazine - My Mind Ain't So Open (B-Side of Shot by Both Sides 1978)
2. Saints - No Time (B-Side of I'm Stranded 1976)
3. The Damned - Sick of Being Sick (B-Side of Stretcher Case Baby 1977)
4. Ugly Ducklings - I Can tell (B-Side of Nothin' 1966)
5. Gruesomes - Things She Does to Me (B-Side of Jack the Ripper EP 1986)
6. The Kinks - It's alright (B-Side of You Really Got Me 1964)
7. Rolling Stones - Off the Hook (B-Side of Little Red Rooster 1964)
8. Lou Reed - Vicious (B-Side of Satellite of Love 1972)
9. Iggy Pop - The Passenger (B-Side of Success 1977)
10. The Clash - Stop the World (B-Side of The Call Up 1980)
11. Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Clean Money (B-Side from Armed Forces 1979)
12. The Strokes - Hawaii (B-Side of Juicebox 2005)
13. Hot, Hot, Heat - Apt.101 (B-Side of Bandages 2003)
14. The Diodes - We're Ripped (B-Side of Red Rubber Ball 1977)
15. The Demics - Blueboy (B-Side of New York City 1980)
16. Forgotten Rebels - Rhona Barrett (B-Side of Tell Me You Love Me 1982)
17. Teenage Head- Teenage Beer Drinking Party (B-Side of Some Kinda Fun 1982)
18. Buzzcocks - Lipstick (B-Side of Promises 1978)
19. Generation X - shakin' All Over (B-Side of Valley of the Dolls 1979)
20. Young Canadians - No Escape (B-Side from Hawaii EP 1979)
21. Queens of the Stone Age - Who'll Be the Next in Line (B-side from Songs For the Deaf 2004)
22. Rage Against The Machine - Darkness of Greed (B-Side of Killing in the Name 1992)
23. Nirvana - Oh, the Guilt (B-Side of Jesus Lizard Split Single Puss 1993)
24. The D4 - North Shore Bitch (B-Side of Ladies Man 2000)
25. The Hives - Hell No! (B-Side of Tick Tick Boom 2007)

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