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Standells ... Show 164

Coming from Los Angeles, California, The Standells formed in 1962. The band consisted of drummer/singer Dick Dodd, guitarist Tony Valentino, Organist Larry Tamblyn, and a variety of bass players (such as John Fleck). The band would be known as a garage rock band. The band did a variety of cover songs from the sixties including songs from The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. The band did some television work at first appearing in a movie Get Yourself A College Girl, and The Munsters TV show (1964-1965). On The Munsters the band played two songs, a cover of the Beatles "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and "Come On Ringo".

When the band teamed up with producer Ed Cobb, the band would have their biggest hit, "Dirty Water". The song "Dirty Water" was written by Cobb and would go to # 11 on the Billboard charts in June of 1966. The band did not even like the song at first, but it would help them get into the top forty. The song makes references to Boston, where Cobb was from. People sometimes think because of the lyrical content in this song that the band is from Boston, but they're from LA. Apparently, after every victory at home for the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Bruins, "Dirty Water" is played. This song would give the band a change in direction and image from their early days (which was very clean cut).

In 1966/67 The Standells wrote "Riot On The Sunset Strip" and starred in the movie of the same name; The song itself was more psychedelic in nature and lyrically about police brutality towards hippies. The band would break up in 1968, Actually they would not record anymore after that time; Dick Dodd would also go solo in 1968. Other songs for which the band was known for were "Good Guys Don't Wear White" (later covered by Minor Threat), "Why Pick on Me", and "Try It" (which was banned in several states due to its subject matter). After Issuing some albums (Dirty Water, Why Pick On Me, The Hot Ones!, and Try It)the band was essentially over, they released released a large majority of material out in a short period of time. They are known as a garage rock band, and were influential on many early punk bands such as The Stooges and many garage bands as well. In 2004 the group reunited at Fenway Park as part of the second game of the World Series. The band has also released some live album (Ban This!) and countless compilations. If you're looking to get into the band, your best bet is to check out one of their compilation albums.

The play list:

1. The Sonics – the witch (version 2)
2. Velvet Underground – I can’t stand it
3. Ugly Ducklings – windy city
4. Standells – sometimes good guys don't wear white
5. Munks – long time waiting
6. Haunted – 8 o’clock this morning
7. Free-for-all – show me the way
8. Secrets – cryin’ over you
9. The Animals – a girl named sandoz
10. The Dark – Hawaii five-o
11. Nick Lowe – shake that rat
12. Beastie Boys – heart attack man
13. Beastie Boys – the melee
14. The Nerves – one way ticket
15. The Government – flat tire
16. Young Rival – dead end scene
17. Compulsive Gamblers – way I feel about you
18. The Pack - snow
19. Rich Kids – hung on you
20. The Scabs – leave me alone
21. Elvis Costello & The Attractions – this years girl
22. Dishrags - past is past
23. Beastie Boys - tough guy
24. Richard Hell & The Voidoids – funhunt
25. Dirty Pretty Things – deadwood
26. Exploding Hearts - thorns in roses
27. The Caesars – its not the fall that hurts

Download Part One of Show 164
Download Part Two of Show 164

Standells Videos:

Dirty Water/Why Pick On Me
Get Away From Here (from the Riot On The Sunset Strip movie)
Riot On the Sunset Strip (from the Riot On The Sunset Strip movie)Try It
Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White

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