Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Another Band, Another Planet... Show # 143

The Only Ones were formed in 1976 by Peter Perrett. John Perry was on guitar, Alan Mair on Bass and Mike Kellie on drums. The band was influenced by bands such as The Clash, Buzzcocks, Ramones, but also bands such as New York Dolls, 60s garage and psychedelic music. The band was lumped in with the late 70s Punk and early 80s New Wave movement. The band is more of power pop band that just came out at the time of punk, but never the less are punk in nature.  The band was known for Perrett's sleazy romantic pop songs.

After independently releasing a single in 1976 ("Lovers of Today") the band got a record deal with CBS in 1977. Their first album The Only Ones was released in 1978 and contained the single and one of their best songs, "Another Girl, Another Planet". The album received good reviews, but the band would never really gain mainstream or popular status. In 1979 Even Serpents Shine came out and Special View was released in America. Basically Special View was like a compilation-type album for America (similar to the US release of the first Clash album). In 1980 Baby's Got A Gun was released. Both Even Serpents Shine and Baby's Got a Gun were slightly different than the first Only Ones album, but still maintained the Only Ones Sound.

In 1981, the group split up. They would release three albums, but would gain a cult following partly due to the fact that "Another Girl, Another Planet" was liked so much by fans. The band would have many post-humous releases after this. In the 80's Perrett would record and release solo albums, and one in the 90s. In 2007, The band reunited. The Only Ones did a UK tour in June of 2007 and toured thorough out 2008 and 2009.

I also played a new track from Queens of the Stone Age titled, "Sick Sick Sick". The song features Julian Casablancas from The Strokes and will be on the Upcoming Queens of the Stone Age album Era Vulgaris.

Queens of the Stone Age - Sick Sick Sick Video

Here's the play list:

1. Ultravox! – rockwrock
2. Demics – talk, talk
3. Vibrators – wake up
4. Blam Blam Blam – there is no depression in New Zealand
5. The Radiators – prison bars
6. Sex Pistols – did you no wrong
7. Johnny Thunders – leave me alone
8. The Gruesomes – serves you right
9. Smugglers – to serve, protect, and entertain
10. Tricky Woo – let us sing
11. Marble Index – we can make it
12. The Strokes – the way it is
13. Arctic Monkeys – d is for dangerous
14. Queens of the Stone Age – sick sick sick (featuring Julian Casablancas)
15. Neil Young – see the sky about to rain (live Massey Hall 1971)
16. Undertones – I told you so
17. Buzzcocks – nothing left
18. Generation X – live medley (Live in Sheffield 1978)
19. Carbon/Silicon – the system
20. Nirvana – stay away
21. Nirvana - territorial pissings
22. Pearl Jam – grievance
23. Pearl Jam - God's dice
24. Soundgarden – no attention
25. Soundgarden - Ty Cobb
26. Rage Against The Machine – tire me

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