Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Darker Lights Interview & Show # 476

Papermaps Darker Lights builds from the momentum and direction that was introduced on 2012’s Inferior Ghost EP. The band brings in an atmospheric and for the most part darker sound, compared to their first self titled album that was released in 2011. On this album there was a bit of a line up change in the group. The band brought in Andy Soto on guitar who is known for his Post-Rock/Shoe Gaze sounding guitar elements, making the band a four piece group. As a whole Darker Lights is an album that sets a certain mood, one that can warrant repeated listens. Influences brought in on this album include bands such as My Bloody Valentine, and elements of Post Punk groups such as Joy Division and Gang of Four to a degree, all of which amalgamate into the sounds and songs found on this album.

The album features songs such as the atmospheric “Shadow Theatre” featuring the mood setting universal lyrics “And when I find myself most of the feeling was gone” that start the album off on a strong note. “The Hedonist” is a fuzzy, guitar driven song, filled with 90’s tinged angst, while “I’ve Closed A Door” features strong harmonies and backwards sound effects. “The Edge of Chinatown” combines the bands textured Post Rock sounds with 90s influences, “One By One” is an 80s sounding track sung by bassist Betty Dimo, “The Memory Song” builds emphasis and affinity for noisy Rock, “Poor City” and “Nobody Gets It” show off the bands new texturized, darker sound and dynamics, while still containing the catchy harmonies and vocal work that the band has displayed on all of their releases thus far. The watery guitar sounding “Vanauley Walk” features the lyric “When you see me fall/you'll watch me turn around/you’ll see my body twist/my feet land on the ground". Parts of this lyric demonstrate the direction and change in the bands dynamics since 2011. Darker Lights shows us a new side of Papermaps and shows us albeit these changes that they face Papermaps will land on their feet.

Listen to the interview I did with Dean Marino about Darker Lights here:

This week's play list:

1. Temples – Shelter Song
2. The Fiends - Grave Digger
3. Mules – True Love
4. Golden Calgarians – Party In The Sun
5. Little Roosters – The Age Of Reason
6. Franz Ferdinand – Bullet
7. Chelsea – Right To Work
8. Frantic Elevators - Voice In The Dark
9. Ry Cooder – Boomer’s Story
10. James OL – Yellow Gold
11. Papermaps – Shadow Theatre


12. Papermaps – One By One
13. Wah! Heat! – 7000 Names of Wah
14. The Swingin’ Machine – Do You Have To Ask
15. Wes Dakus & The Club 93 Rebels – El Ringo
16. Les Ramrods – Out Front
17. Thee Oh Sees – Heart Sweats
18. Sham 69 – (There’s Gonna Be A) Borstal Breakout
19. The Vibrators – Into The Future…
20. The Clash – Protex Blue
21. The Clash – 48 Hours
22. The Clash – English Civil War

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